Objectives Of The College


• To develop educational professionals by nurturing their knowledge, skills, values and capacities.
• To nurture the potential of each student with a focus on value for diversity
• To provide Teacher Education, that is grounded in values and bears a quest for excellence, bearing in mind the principles expounded in National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education 2010
• To inculcate in student-teachers a zeal for social responsibility and social commitment
• To nurture, within the student-teachers, skills essential to a networked world
• To promote a learning ethos that is committed to fulfilling the present and projected needs of the nation and the world
• To network with society to create a learning ethos committed to the values enshrined in the Constitution.
• To promote a zeal for research that will address local, national and global needs through education.

Some significant achievements of the college are

• Consistently good results at the University Examination
• Several alumni are placed as Principals of schools. Some alumni are teacher-educators in Colleges of Education.

Contributions in the field of Education

• Faculty recognized as M.Ed teachers
• Faculty serve as resource persons at various workshops and seminars
• The college has a commendable presence on the web where blogs and websites display Open Education Resources

Awards/Recognition Received:

• The college has consistently won prizes at the Udaan Festival organized by Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, University of Mumbai